TOUGHBOOK Vehicle Mounting Options for Laptops and Tablets

When the going gets tough in any challenging industry, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK vehicle mounting devices offer a reliable solution. 

TOUGHBOOK devices are tough and rugged, even when they are classified semi-rugged. This makes them ideal for challenging environments from factories, hospitals, and construction sites to mines and battlefields. They are especially useful to people on the move. Whether you’ve got your feet on the ground, or are in transit in a utility vehicle, a forklift truck, an emergency response vehicle, a police car patrolling the streets, or an army tank, there are TOUGHBOOK options to meet your needs.  

But when you use TOUGHBOOK in any sort of vehicle or form of transportation, it makes sense to maximize the functionality and usefulness of your device by installing a vehicle mounting solution. 

In addition to a wide selection of rugged TOUGHBOOK devices, Rugged Depot has a comprehensive range of vehicle mounting solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry, including Havis, Gamber-Johnson, and Ram. We supply mounting accessories, mounting kits, docking stations, and cradles to meet your most challenging needs. 

If you’re looking for a Toughbook solution, please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-337-3007 or let an Account Manager help you find the right solution. We will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you and your business need. 

Mounting Kits

Mounting kits for TOUGHBOOK typically incorporate mounting hardware and a plate or bracket that you attach to the vehicle. There is usually an arm that extends out to accommodate the device. Designed to fit laptops, tablets, or hand-held devices, they may be TOUGHBOOK model specific or intended for all TOUGHBOOK laptops, tablets, or handheld devices. Some are vehicle specific, while others may be customized for vehicle makes and models. Some are universal. 

For example, we offer a Gamber-Johnson pedestal kit for 2015 and 2016 Ford F150s that will accommodate all TOUGHBOOK. We also offer a Gamber-Johnson display mount kit for all tablets that comes with a motion attachment. And if you’re driving a forklift truck and use a Panasonic A2, there’s a mount designed just for this. 

Generally, mounts may be fitted to dashboards, vehicle floors, or to seat rails. They are made of durable materials to ensure longevity. Drilling into the vehicle structure is usually required, but they aren’t difficult or costly to install. 

Docking Stations

A docking station will provide an even more permanent and secure mounting solution for TOUGHBOOK in any vehicle on the land, air, or in the water. They are typically supplied with mounting hardware together with a docking mechanism that gets connected to the docking port of the TOUGHBOOK device. They also usually have various ports to connect to printers, scanners, keyboards, and so on. While “permanent” in nature, a docking station allows the user to connect and disconnect very easily from the vehicle’s power and communication systems.

Gamber-Johnson also supplies vehicle docking stations that are designed specifically for the TOUGHBOOK 40, the TOUGHBOOK 20, and several for the TOUGHBOOK 33 tablet. There’s a thin docking station for the TOUGHBOOK G1 and others that accommodate the TOUGHBOOK G1 and TOUGHBOOK G2. Havis products include docking stations for the TOUGHBOOOK G2 tablet and several options for the TOUGHBOOK 20 2-in-1

Like other mounts, docking stations may be mounted on the dashboard, seat rails, or floor of the vehicle. 


Similar in many ways to docking stations, cradles are smaller and not as complicated. While they provide a simple and secure way to mount TOUGHBOOK in vehicles, they don’t offer as many features as full docking stations. They are less expensive than docking stations, which makes them ideal for individuals and businesses on a tight budget. Mounting cradles is also a simpler procedure than mounting docking stations. 

Typically, cradles are manufactured from high-strength plastic, providing a secure and stable platform for any TOUGHBOOK. Cradles may include mounting hardware or they may be designed to attach to existing mounting kits.

We supply numerous options, many of which are device-specific. A few examples include the Havis cradle for the TOUGHBOOK 20 rugged laptop, and Gamber-Johnson cradles for the TOUGHBOOK 33 tablet, TOUGHBOOK 55 and TOUGHBOOK 54, and the TOUGHBOOK G1 tablet computer. We also have universal cradles available to purchase.  

Cradles may be supplied with mounting hardware or they may be designed to be attached to existing mounting kits.

Mounting Accessories

In addition to vehicle mounts, docking stations, and cradles, Havis, Gamber-Johnson, and Ram all offer a range of accessories for Toughbook devices, including charging solutions, carry cases, and screen protectors. Other options include adjustable plates, extensions, and tilt/swivel mechanisms including swing arms and telescoping poles. Locking mechanisms to secure the TOUGHBOOK device in place are also available along with various other customizable options.

Rugged Depot supplies a wide range of mounting accessories. Here are a few examples. The Gamber-Johnson accessories are designed to accommodate all TOUGHBOOK. The others are universal. 

What’s the Best Vehicle Mounting Solution for You? 

Ultimately, the best mount option for any TOUGHBOOK in a vehicle will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the user. Docking stations are often the most convenient and flexible option, but they can be more expensive. Mounting kits and accessories are a good choice for those who need a more customized solution. Cradles, on the other hand, are ideal for those on a budget or those who need a simple mounting solution.

Rugged Depot understands how important it is to make the right decision, and we are geared to help customers in every possible way. 

Call us at 888-337-3007 or let an Account Manager help you find the right solution. We will work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you and your business need. 

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