Oil and Gas

The TOUGHBOOK Advantage for Oil and Gas Industries

The extra-resilient plastic, metal and rubber components in CF-U1 Toughbooks are constructed to match the challenges in the oil and gas industry – making exploring, producing and maintaining procedures more manageable. Panasonic also works with partners like @Hand to provide specialized applications for asset management, inventory and maintenance all the way from from the mines, through the pipelines and finally to the distribution channels.

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Oil & Gas – Configured Toughbooks are Certified Safe for Oil & Gas Industry Use
Fully-rugged and ultra mobile rugged Toughbooks from Panasonic gained the UL 1604 certification that permits these tools to be used in vicinities where flammable gases, vapors and liquids exist particularly in the oil industry, gas industry and even in the petroleum industry. There is no question that these are the kinds of environments Toughbooks are made to endure.

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