About Zebra

Zebra builds technologies that empower businesses with the certainty and guidance that ensures the next move is the best move. Their solutions help solve complex problems by connecting assets, data, and people. Through data and analytics, Zebra enables those on the front line of business to make informed decisions that impact overall success.

The Edge for Success

Zebra equips front line users with the tools to be more effective, efficient and reliable.

Made for You

Zebra engineers scanners, mobile computers, tablets and printers with one purpose: to help you perform even better.

Mobile Printing Solutions

Increase your employees’ productivity, precision and accuracy. Equip them with wireless mobile printers that are tailored to how they work and the job they do.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra offers technological solutions to businesses, organizations, and virtually any industry that enable them use data to increase their business value. Solutions such as RFID, supplies, printers, and software give businesses the tools they need to succeed. Zebra Technologies can be subdivided into 2 categories, based on the types of services they offer:

Enterprise Visibility & Mobility (EVM)

  • RFID – With Zebra RFID solutions, you will know, in real-time, the location of your assets. No matter if you’re tracking products through a warehouse, patients in a hospital, or merchandise in a store, Zebra’s products are designed to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

  • Data capture – Zebra designed barcode scanners built to improve your performance. We integrated our scanners with DataCapture DNA to ensure accurate data.

  • Mobile computing – To succeed in business, workers need the proper tools to perform their work efficiently and accurately. Rugged mobile computers are specially designed to fit your needs to boost productivity.

Asset Intelligence & Tracking (AIT)

  • Supplies – Zebra’s RFID, barcode, and card supplies ensure durability and high quality images. Thermal printing supplies are designed and produced to ensure optimal performance.

  • Locating Systems Hardware and Software – Zebra offers hardware options to capture location data to maximize real-time tracking of assets within your organization.

  • Barcode Labeling and Printing – Zebra’s labels and tags are durable and have been pre-tested and certified with the highest quality materials to ensure minimal wear and tear.

  • A wide range of digital products are available to help keep track of inventory, optimize workforce, and modernize the way industries solve technology challenges. From mobile computers, specialty printers, and barcode scanners to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) readers and real-time location systems, Zebra Technologies has what you need to meet the demands of the economy.

Handheld Computers

Handheld computers are convenient, efficient, and practical. It’s the ultimate tool to increase productivity and improve efficiency. These devices allow workers to access applications, information, and personal data quickly, easily, and proficiently. The result is that work is done quicker and more accurately. Customer service and experience is also improved, allowing workers to increase performance and production. Industries throughout the nation rely on Zebra’s mobile handheld computers in their everyday operations.

Industry Solutions from Zebra Technologies

Digital innovation is essential in many industries. To exceed the demands of your industry, and to have a competitive edge over the competition, Zebra’s products are the perfect solution to meet and surpass your needs.


In order to deliver safe and appropriate healthcare, Zebra Technologies provides technology that can identify, track, and monitor patients, while safeguarding medications, health records, and patient data. From the time the patient is admitted until they are discharged from the facility, the goal of every healthcare professional is to ensure that the right patient receives the right care at the right time. Zebra’s products do just that.


When customers shop, they want a simple, hassle-free experience. Zebra Technologies is a great retail partner, one that provides innovative technology that will increase efficiency and boost productivity.

One of the greatest assets a retail business could have is its inventory. Without this large and important investment, a business is unable to thrive. In order to increase the workflow within the business, it’s imperative that products are able to be tracked from inventory to the floor to the customer. This will enhance customer satisfaction and ensure customer experience, as well as work performance, are optimized.


In this day and age, online ordering has become commonplace. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. However, online orders require optimal, real-time inventory accuracy and visibility. With Zebra’s solutions , you will understand and effectively manage the ordering, fulfillment, and delivery process of your customers.


Zebra’s specialized technology is designed to handle every logistical aspect of your operations. It’s this technology that will help boost your the productivity and profitability of the business. It’s no secret that the needs of transportation and logistics companies have increased in the last few years. With current technology and the hustle and bustle of today’s world, customers expect their service to be quick as well. The workings of logistics and transportation companies can be complex, but Zebra’s products help decrease the pressure of demands put forth by customers.

Customer service and satisfaction is the pinnacle of any successful business. Without satisfied customers, there is no thriving business. Implementing Zebra’s technological products, such as tablets, barcode scanners, and mobile printers, helps to keep transportation drivers on the road. Manual processes slow down productivity, but Zebra’s digital tracking processes reduces wait times, increases visibility of your business, and ensures security and efficiency.

Public Sector

Zebra Technologies provides products that improve efficiency
through asset tracking and handheld devices that capture real-time data. Public sector agencies rely heavily on accuracy, efficiency, and smooth processes. Using the latest technologies, your agency will enhance day-to-day operations.

Public sector agencies that benefit from Zebra’s technologies include the following:

Military РZebra’s technology solutions can be used to improve tactics, track military weaponry, and upgrade real-time knowledge of conditions and locations.

Education – Digital technologies can help improve the safety of the campus by keeping track of students while maintaining accurate records of campus equipment, tools, and valuables.

State/Local Government – Zebra tablets and other products are used to improve operational efficiency and public safety. They also help to ensure services run smoothly and efficiently.

Zebra solutions can be found virtually anywhere, in any industry, around the world. Zebra’s products are designed to ensure every aspect of your business is visible, trackable, and connectible. Productivity, workforce, and operations are optimized for peak performance, providing optimal results.

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