Rugged Depot Texas DIR Contract

Rugged Depot and DIR


What does DIR stand for?


What can it do for me?

DIR has served in a leadership role to facilitate the State of Texas economic competitiveness through its ability to deliver quality information resources commodities and services at the lowest prices and best value for state and local government. It also includes the K–12 public and higher education systems. It provides increased technology buying power with DIR’s cooperative contracts of which Rugged Depot is a major player in providing solution packages for governmental agencies across the country.

Is this program offered only to state and local government as well as the K–12 public and higher education systems of Texas?

Any agency across the U.S. can participate in the DIR. Just click on the link below.

Select DIR-TSO-2520

Can Rugged Depot sell all Panasonic products?

Yes, Rugged Depot is a top tier reseller for Panasonic as well as other major electronics manufacturers and mounting and docking.

How do I contact Rugged Depot?

Call (888) 337-3007