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Multiple Unit Discounts

Wholesale Discounts on Rugged Mobile Computing Solutions

Need to equip your entire crew? Want to get your fleet the latest tough tech without burning through your budget? Rugged Depot’s wholesale discounts are your no-nonsense solution.

Save on the Tough Gear Your Crew Needs

When you need to outfit your squad cars, a fleet of emergency response vehicles, or your mobile technicians with reliable tech, Rugged Depot has the rugged products and accessories you want. We offer bulk discounts on rugged laptops, including the Panasonic Toughbook, mounting & docking accessories, mobile printers & scanners, software, and much more.

Volume discounts are ideal for:

Your crews deserve the best technology on the market. Make sure they get the equipment that’s as tough as the jobs they do.

Find out more about how you can "Save Big!" money by calling us at (888) 337-3007, or contact us for personalized support.