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Panasonic Warranty


PANASONIC Warranty Comparison Table

Warranty Deliverable









Warranty Term Options

3 Years

4th / 5th

1-5 Years

1-5 Years

24 x 7 x 365 US Domestic Help Desk

2 Day Average Repair TAT (Turn Around Time)

Overnight shipping included to and from repair center

Parts and labor included

Global standard warranty coverage

Priority Exchange service for user replaceable parts. (HDD, Battery,

AC Adapter)

1 Year Battery Warranty

WWAN Module covered for term

HDD / SSD Drive covered for term

AC Power adapter covered for term

Original Panasonic Memory covered for term

Normal or Backlit Keyboard covered for term

Other integrated options (DVD, GPS, Pass through cabling, Camera, WiFi / Bluetooth radio, card reader, Smartcard reader, Fingerprint reader, Barcode scanners) covered for term.

Long term warranty (over 3 years)

Accidental damage coverage Plus*1)

Cosmetic damage coverage

Ultimate Accidental damage coverage *2)

Up to 1% of deployment covered for theft, loss, fire, Acts of God and

intentional damage

SLA with financial restitution available for Annual Hardware Failure Rate, TAT, DOA, and Help Desk Hold Time

No out of warranty billing

No international VAT or customs fees for warranty transportation.


On-site Warranty can be sold alone for just On-site standard manufacturers warranty, or can be sold in conjunction with an enhanced warranty like ProPlus or Ultimate Care. Both on-site and Ultimate care waranty sku’s would be sold to provide On-site Ultimate Care.

Global Warranty Uplift Is sold in ADDITION to one of the other styles of warranty. Both Ultimate Care and Global Warrany Uplift would be sold to deliver Ultimate Care coverage on a global basis with guarenteed SLA’s. (*3, *4)

*1) one major part failure per year (keyboard, motherboard, LCD, HD/SSD)

*2) Unlimited parts and labor for accidental damage

*3) Global region determines repair turnaround time.

*4) Priority exchange dependent on regional policy.