CF-54 vs CF-53

Panasonic semi rugged class of Toughbooks is the perfect blend of durability and function. Recently, the Panasonic CF-54 Toughbook has been introduced to replace its predecessor the CF-53. The CF-54, while similar in many respects to the CF-53, improves on key aspects of the Toughbook class.

Panasonic did not compromise, and retained all of the same rugged features and certifications while at the same time improving on the form factor of the unit. The CF-54 Toughbook is almost a full inch thinner than the CF-53. Besides difference in height, the Toughbook 54 also is a full pound lighter than its predecessor.

The CF-54 Toughbook also varies from the previous model by not including a DVD multi drive standard (whereas the CF-53 does come standard with one.) This decision was made for a few different reasons. Namely, the technology world is moving away from CD/DVD tech and towards other forms of storage such as USB, cloud based etc. decreasing the need for a DVD drive. This design choice in the 54 also opens up the option of choosing to integrate a media bay battery, vastly improving upon the battery life of the unit.

The CF-54 is an improvement and Panasonic is moving towards phasing out the CF-53, however, both are still currently available and the CF-53 is still an excellent option especially for the budget conscious. Give us a call at 888-337-3007 so that we can answer any questions your have about these or any other units!