Aegex Technologies Announces Rugged Depot as Reseller

Atlanta, Ga. (April 10, 2017) – Aegex Technologies LLC has added Rugged Depot as a Reseller in the United States of Aegex’s intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablets for hazardous industrial environments.

Rugged Depot is a Houston, Texas-based supplier of rugged computing and related accessories that also offers repair and software solutions to support industrial hardware.

Rugged Depot now offers Aegex solutions for hazardous industries in the U.S., including oil and gas, chemical, utilities and others that require ruggedized, intrinsically safe equipment. The company carrys the Aegex10 Intrinsically Safe tablet, a Windows 10 enterprise tablet that is globally certified for use in the most explosive hazardous locations worldwide. The Aegex device is the first of its kind to run the Windows 10 operating system and be certified for use in UL 913 Class 1 Division 1 hazardous locations in the U.S., CSA 22.2 in Canada, and ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

“Here at Rugged Depot, we only supply fully rugged laptops, hazardous location tablets, and toughbooks that can stand up to the toughest jobs. You can count on us to find the best solution to keep you on the cutting edge,” said Brad Hollo, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Rugged Depot.

Aegex tablets are intrinsically safe, meaning they are incapable of producing a spark sufficient to ignite an explosion. The tablets allow users to record, transmit and analyze real-time data from within the most hazardous zones of industrial operations that operate highly explosive environments. With cloud connectivity and Microsoft Windows 10 enterprise applications, Aegex tablets allow personnel in hazardous locations to communicate instantaneously with the rest of their organizations, improving efficiency and productivity. Aegex tablets are built on a uniform platform and Intel architecture and are customizable for diverse workforce needs.

AboutAegexTechnologies, LLC

Aegex Technologies is a premier engineering and design servicesfirm that specializes in creating intrinsically safe mobile solutions for hazardous industries. Our globally certified intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablet provides cloud connectivityto personnel working in some of the world’s most volatile environments, including ATEX/IECEx Zone 1and UL913 C I, II, III D1hazardous locations in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utilities, public safety and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres. Aegex’s Windows 10 intrinsically safe 10.1-inch tablets with customizable enterprise-class software and industry-specific applications are the basis for an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for hazardous locations. Visit

About Rugged Depot

Rugged Depot is a Texas-based provider of rugged computing solutions and accessories. Since 2001, Rugged Depot has been a one-stop shop specializing in rugged hardware and solutions and offering consulting and repair services for industrial devices. For more information, visit